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Long in the making, the Livin Swell compound is Walter Ramsey’s vision of creating a self-sustaining communal enterprise for musicians and creative artists of New Orleans. The LS concept was born in the 90’s when Walt and other members of his Stooges Brass Band, still in high school, pooled their money and resources together to produce albums, shows, tours, and more. The resources have been growing ever since.

LS has acquired most of the 8th floor and 1st floor in the old “Fabulous Fountainebleau Hotel”. With his own hands and money, Walt has remodeled the space into New Orleans’ most comprehensive offering of resources and services for musicians and creative artists. Upstairs the corner penthouse overlooking the city skyline has been transformed into three state of the art recording studios supplemented with a kitchen, office, full-bath, and multiple lounge areas. Downstairs, there is a rec room complete with pool table, flat-screen, fridge, couches, and barroom tables and chairs. Adjacent to that, the “Stage Hall” is a large rehearsal and recording space with drum risers and an isolated sound booth wired with a DMX controller for stage lights. Another room houses a screen-printing press and all the supplies needed for artist to produce their own promotional graphics, assets, and apparel. The long corridor also includes offices, media labs, a photography studio, fitness center, workshop, two full baths, and an industrial sized kitchen.

The next phase in Livin Swell’s growth is to acquire funding to finish all construction projects and develop the LS Academy curriculum for music business and digital media production.

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